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Yerba Santa - Eriodictyon californicum - family: Hydrophyllaceae (Waterleaf Family).

This is an aromatic evergreen shrub that grows to about ten feet high. It has thick lance-to-oblong-shaped leaves. In the spring and summer it produces clusters of small funnel-shaped flowers that range in color from lavender to white. Capsules follow the flowers and contain dark-colored seeds. Traditional Native American and American pioneer use of a tea made from the leaves as a remedy for asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, diarrhea, indigestion, rheumatism and vomiting. Modern American folk use as a remedy for pneumonia. Traditional Native American and American pioneer use of leaves as a poultice for rheumatism and wounds. Listed in the United States Pharmacopoeias from 1890 to 1940. Native to California and Oregon in western North America.




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