by James K. Sayre

Some travel links for English-speakers that care to venture into French-speaking Tahiti. If you decide to visit Tahiti a nice time is around the French holiday, Bastille Day, July 14th, because they hold the annual Tahitian dance contest and fete in Papeete each year. French, Tahitian and some English is spoken in the Islands of French Tahiti. Once I spent three days in Maupiti, one of the smaller outer islands, and virtually no English was spoken there. However, it has a certain rustic charm that is probably best enjoyed in the company of a French speaking traveler. There are a few inexpensive accomadations available with some local families.

Go to Tahiti (check out Events links).

Maupiti: link to Maupiti travel informatioin: Maupiti


Ta'u Tahiti / Mon Tahiti /Tahiti Mon Amour: NYC to Tahiti nonstop (With a great painting of Tahiti on their home page)...





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