SEO Business Models

So what is SEO? SEO gets a bad rap. Recently, I tried to apply for an online checkout service through Braintree. I explained to them what I do in my application.

I’ll add that I already have several payment gateways that I currently use. I have Shopify, Stripe, etc. I wanted to apply to them simply because I wanted to check them out and diversify. Can’t hurt to have a backup, right?

Well they declined my application saying that the problem was my business model. I asked “what’s wrong with the business model?”. They replied that they don’t work with companies that do SEO. There’s more talk about this on Blog Talk Radio.

Wow. I know that there are some SEO companies to avoid out there, but writing off an entire industry is a little much, don’t you think?

I told them this today in an email, so we’ll see what they say. I’ll go into more detail about this on USGBC.

They wanted to know the name of the Facebook group that I’m going to charge for. At this point, I’m kind of done with them already. I’m only replying to see where it goes. The group doesn’t exist. Why would I create a paid community online without having a way to take payment? I haven’t started it yet, dude!


I get the feeling like I’m dealing with a disinterested bank that overestimates its market share. I know SEOs that make more money in a month than this clerk makes in a year. Probably in the last ten years. Search engine optimization is a 65 billion dollar industry and, just like in any new and unregulated industry, you get your share of people who simply try to take advantage of the hype. This isn’t just in the US. This field is booming in Italy, too. Our Rome page is getting tons of attention. Regardless, blowing off the entire SEO industry is just dumb. I’ll keep you posted as to how this plays out.