Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

So, we’ve now entered into the chilliest months of the year. Most of us just want to snuggle by the fire and cuddly up in our PJ’s. Who wants the make the effort to leave the house when they don’t have to? When it comes to working out, we struggle because we just want to curl up with our cup of cocoa and sit by the fire. To end this relentless unmotivated mindset, we spoke to Jarrett Arthur, Self-Defense and Safety Expert, also Founder of M.A.M.A. Self-Defense, to keep up in the workout spirit!

garcinia cambogia plant“The biggest struggle that my clients have in the winter—and I share the experience as well— is feeling like they have to workout and if they don’t, feeling guilty and ashamed,” Jarrett says, “I remind my clients that every action is a choice based on what they want both short and long term.” Something that helps a lot of people with this is garcinia cambogia efectos secundarios. It isn’t going to solve all your problems for you, but it will help.

There are days when we all just need a chill pill after a long day, so should we workout or push ourselves?

What To Do?


life is 10% what happens to me 90% how I react to it

“If some days your short term desire to stay on the couch takes precedence over your long term want to improve your fitness, and then own that choice. Don’t beat yourself up over it or waste energy stressing about it,” Jarrett says. You can find garcinia cambogia philippines here. “Once we take the should out of the equation and replace it with a want, it’s much easier to make a clear choice in the moment; and most of the time the choice will be to move your body or eat a healthy snack because it’s working towards a goal we want to accomplish.”

Move Around

But, if you really aren’t the mindset tgarcinia cambogia efectos secundarioso work-out, you can still do other types of exercises!

“Do a short set of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats in your living room wearing your pjs, or even a simple yoga sequence,” suggests Jarrett. “Moving your body, even just a little bit, when you don’t feel like it can not only help elevate your mood, but it’ll make it much easier to get back to hitting it hard.”


You should always display the I can-do-it attitude. You should never give up and always believe in yourself. Believe that you’re worth it and can still workout despite the weather. The weather isn’t a good enough excuse not to head to the gym

Some of my favorite statements are: keep going, stay strong, and push forward, says Jarrett. Garcinia cambogia chile comprar.

“The words you speak and hold in your head are very influential, so be aware of what you’re saying and thinking, choose your words wisely, and when you find a statement or statements that motivate you, spout them like crazy!”