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What Does a Good Marketing Company Actually Do?

So what does a good SEO company actually do? Well, it gets businesses found in the search engines. How do they do it? Well a lot of it is proprietary. This certainly doesn’t help with SEO’s image or branding, but it’s true.

Research and development in the search engine optimization field has to be kept confidential. In this field information is power. You can’t just give away your SEO research willy nilly. A doctor wouldn’t waste time explaining exactly how he does what he does. He just does it because he has a title. Well, SEO agencies don’t have a degree. They have something more important: a track record.

Your doctor could be the worst doctor in the world and you’d never know it. He had his diploma on the wall in his office just the same as the guy or girl who graduated at the top of their class. How do you even know who is any good?

Well an SEO can show you if they are good or not. Just ask them to show you a website that they rank #1 in the search engines. There’s the track record. If they can’t show you that, then move on. If they can show you that, then you know you’re dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing.

It’s actually better than a degree, because proof of their competence is so much easier to find out. Can they get your business found in the searches?

Well, prove it.

Here’s some websites we ranked number 1.

OK, done deal. Let’s get started.

No guessing. There it is. You see the websites they rank. Now you know they can do the same for you.

italy venice florence and rome

If the SEO company you’re talking to can’t show you that, then you can assume that they don’t rank anybody anywhere. SEOs are proud of their rankings. They’d be glad to show you. So, don’t buy into the whole client confidentiality thing. They’ll be happy to show you at least one or two if you ask them.

Location doesn’t matter either. Florence, Italy agencies will be able to show you rankings in Florence. Venice SEOs can you what they do in Venice, etc. Geographic location doesn’t make much difference.

Here’s a good example:

The optimization for that site is just the same as you see for local cities in the US. You basically do the same thing, just for whatever city you’re in.