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The San Jose Mercury News

To the Editor:

When I got the Summer Solstice edition of the Mercury News (6-21-05) I was surprised to not be able to find the Local News B section. I was about to call your paper's office and register a complaint about the missing section, when I discovered that the two editorial pages were appended to the back of the first section. Then I discovered a "Local News" banner on page A3. So on the longest day of the year, you shorten your paper by some eight pages and then you have the gall to tell us that your paper is not getting smaller. It's just being "reformed" huh?

We are unhappily used to the Bush regime's constant lying to us and to the corporate Mercury News' happily repeating and parroting the Bush regime's lies for the last four-and-a-half years, but I am surprised to read the Mercury News telling us a little fairy tale about the size of its newly shrunken newspaper. If the Local News section B is eliminated, and the first section is still the same twenty pages long, then how is the total newspaper page count not being reduced? If we bother to take off our shoes and socks, many of us can still count up to twenty.

For serious honest news reporting, I must either listen to Pacifica Radio (KPFA, 94.1 FM), Air America Radio Network (960 AM) or visit several progressive Internet web sites including Information from Occupied Iraq (, The Left Coaster (, Black Box Voting (, Cannonfire (//, Nero Fiddled (//, Common Dreams (, Truth Out (, Buzz Flash (, Bella Ciao ( and Daily Kos ( I still scan several of the Bay Area daily "news" papers to catch the latest corporate spin, lies distortions, smears and omissions on current events.

Your editorial pages are pretty worthless, too. The are filled up with vile right wing extremist columnists' propaganda which is hard to stomach on a daily basis. Your letters-to-the-editor policy is pretty pathetic too: only a few short letters are published each day and to top it off, you waste valuable space on your Saturday editorial page with pretentious little summaries of your previous weekday editorials.

You might check out the letters-to-the-editor in the East Hampton Star, an award-winning weekly paper that is published in Suffolk County, at the eastern end of Long Island, New York. They publish a full four pages of letters each week, that are printed on much larger-sized paperstock to boot. They publish all the letters that they receive each week, unless they are libelous, obscene, threatening or anomymous.


Yours truly,

James K. Sayre

21 June 2005





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