RV links for travel in North America in motorhomes and recreational vehicles

by James K. Sayre

some useful links:

www.rversonline.org Rvers Online

www.rvbasics.com RV Basics

www.rvnetlinks.com RVNet Links

www.two-lane.com Two lane RV travel .This interesting site has many useful links

www.freecampgrounds.com Free Campgrounds

www.rvingthemidwestconnection.com RVing the Midwest Connection

Some commercial links:

www.motorhomemagazine.com Motorhome Magazine

www.trailerlife.com Trailer Life

www.woodalls.com Woodalls

www.goodsamclub.com Good Sam Club

www.nada.com NADA with pricing info Basics This site has a great calculator for finding the current value of a used RV.

some useful links about Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) (Wireless Internet connections:

www.wifi.com Wi-Fi

www.wififreespot.com Wi-Fi Free Spot

www.boingo.com Boingo (they will allow you to pay some $20/month for "free Wi-Fi.")...

www.havewifiwilltravel.com Have Wi-fi will travel They sell Wi-fi sniffers and locaters.

Some skeptical thoughts on the costs of owning and operating a RV: rv

Andy Baird has an interesting web site with discussions of his travels around North America: Andy Baird


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