The corporate print media gives very scant coverage to the explosive story that the Bush & Co. may have stolen another election, this time on 2 November 2004.


Mr. Dick Rogers,

Readers' Representative

The San Francisco Chronicle


Dear Mr. Rogers:

Thank you very much for your recent editorial, "Retaining faith in our democracy," (The Chronicle, December 9). It should be noted that we have not had a functioning democracy since Bush & Co. stole the 2000 election. However, there is still a virtual major print media blackout on the subject of possible electronic fraud in the 2004 Presidential election. The Congressional Forum chaired by Representative John Conyers (D- Michigan) yesterday in Washington, D. C. to air out the many problems of voter intimidation, vote suppression and vote fraud in the Ohio election was very much of an eye-opener. The Chronicle managed to completely skip any mention of this important story in their December 9th issue. The hearing ended in the early afternoon, so time-frame could not possibly be an issue.

Yesterday morning I happened to glance at the "Tell us what you think," column on page two of the Chronicle inviting readers to submit comments on "our coverage, standards or accuracy."

Well, Mr. Rogers, the Chronicle coverage of the explosive story of possible election fraud in the November 2nd Presidential election having been committed by Bush & Co. in voter suppression activities across the country has been variously totally blacked out, curiously thin or condescendingly hostile.

In the old, olden days of yore, newspapers used to crusade against trusts and monopolies and support the little guy. Nowadays, newspapers support the ruling corporations and government combination (this combination is commonly referred to as fascism) against the little guy. This is progress?


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre

9 December 2004

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