President Kerry? President Kerry!

Does the recent electronic-voting-machine rigging and theft of the 2004 Presidential elections in Ohio, Florida and New Mexico by the Bush gang make you sick, angry and mad? Well, strike back by:

a. making personal donations to: Black Box Voting, Post Office Box 25552, Seattle, Washington 98165 to support their efforts to undercover and publicize computer vote counting fraud in the 2004 Presidential election: visit the Black Box web site.

b. making a homemade political button that proclaims, "President Kerry," and wear it proudly each day, and when asked about it by others, explain about how Bush stole the election electronically in Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, how Senator Kerry actually won by several million votes and how we need to return to the traditional paper ballots for voting to get back our Democracy. For good measure, color the President Kerry button a nice sky blue color with a marker or crayon and then cover it with some clear plastic tape to waterproof it. Also make some President Kerry bumper strips and President Kerry window signs to proclaim your belief that the 2004 election was stolen and that Kerry is the true winner with an honest vote count.

c. demanding that your State Legislature enact an immediate and unconditional verifiable ballot vote paper trail for all elections, federal, state, county and city. Demand that your State Legislature immediately end all secret proprietary corporate computer software counting of our votes in any and all future elections. We need to see that future vote counting is conducted fairly and honestly, not in secret by Republican operatives. Frankly, we don't trust them to conduct an honest vote count. The GOP stole two elections in Georgia in 2002 with only paper-trail-free Diebold voting machines used.

c. writing letters to legislators, newspaper reporters and newspaper editors demanding a thorough investigation of the growing (by the hour!) allegations of electronic vote counting fraud in the 2004 elections. See: the Black Box web site. Also visit the VotersUnite web site at: Voters and click on the Election 2004 - Watch the problems accumulate link for an up-to-date listing of machine voting problems across the country.

d. lobbying your State legislators to return to use the traditional paper ballots for voting. Tell them that the Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia voting machines are all the tools of the Devil, the tools of the antiChrist or the tools of an American Talaban theocratic movement to aiming to seize power and to destroy our American Democracy.

e. remember, we can be faith-based too: we have faith that all election votes should be counted, equally and honestly and in an open transparent reviewable method that we can trust. We also have faith that President Kerry will be an excellent President.

f. listening to the Air America Radio Network either over the air or on the Internet to learn the latest developments in this massive scandal: Air America Radio

by James K. Sayre

9 November 2004



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