President Cindy Sheehan. President Sheehan.

by James K. Sayre

President Cindy Sheehan. President Sheehan. That certainly has a nice ring about it, doesn't it? What a great improvement an administration led by Ms. Sheehan would be over the present bunch of arrogant, lying, bumbling, corrupt, war-mongering incompetents. "It's time for a change" as Dwight Eisenhower said back in 1952. We can update his "I like Ike" slogan to "I like Cindy."

What more could Americans want in a President? She's smart, courageous, thoughtful and humanistic. She wants to bring home our American troops from Iraq now. She has called for the Impeachment of President Bush. Cindy Sheehan says that we can end the threat of terrorism by withdrawing American troops from Iraq and getting the Israelis to withdraw from Palestine.

When Bush and Cheney are Impeached, Tried, Convicted and Removed, Cindy Sheehan can be appointed President and a liberal to be named later can become Vice President. I'm sure that Cindy will be happy to pick a fine Vice President.

In the future, the perennially out-of-power right-wing GOP will be reminiscing and dreaming of the good old days B. C. (Before Cindy).


20 August 2005.





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