Another phony Bush regime "terror" alert?


To the Editor:

Geeze, louise, another phony Bush regime "terror" alert? Guess that Bush is sagging in the polls again, huh? Does anybody take these regurgitations of terrorist-wannabes fantasies as serious? The terrorists must be have a big laugh about these so-called "alerts."

Supposedly, the terrorists "might use airplanes" again. And pray tell what airplanes would they be using? American? I doubt that any self-respecting terrorist would have the patience required to go through our interminable Byzantine airport boarding procedures these days. After all, even terrorists have a life.

I do agree that our country has been in grave danger since Bush stole the election back in November 2000. Danger of economic stagnation, warmongering, election rigging and stealing. President Chip-on-his-shoulder does have a unique way of antagonizing the people of the world.

I fail to see how a few fanatical terrorist wannabes living in caves high in the mountain border areas of outer Afghanistan or neighboring Pakistan are going to donkey-cart down to the lowland cities, hijack cargo planes and fly them seven thousand miles across the Middle East and then the Atlantic Ocean and then attack our cities. The mind boggles at such absurdity

Yours truly,


James K. Sayre

Winter Solstice 2003