To the Editor:

The Sunday San Jose Mercury News is serving up another giant load of corporate baloney with its recent lead story, "All exit strategies for Iraq carry risks" (The Mercury News, 10 July 2005). Maybe exiting Iraq will carry risks that the illegitimate Bush regime will be exposed to the world as a gang of bumbling incompetent imperial idiots of the first order, but that is not a problem for the American people or the Iraqi people.

This story goes on to claim that "all sides agree on one thing: there's no easy way out." Wrong. There is a very easy way out: just leave, immediately and unconditionally. Let the Iraqi people sort out their own future without the benefit of armed foreign invaders bullying, occupying, torturing, imprisoning and murdering them.

Another lie in this story is the absurd corporate propaganda that claims that Bush is trying to "transplant democracy" into Iraq. From where? From the USA where Bush has stolen two Presidential elections, where Bush has tried to scare and bully the American people into accepting his corporate greed agenda, where Bush and his media buddies have tried to quash all dissent and all disagreement with his insane neo-con agenda for Middle Eastern domination.

If Bush had any respect for democracy he never would have become President in January, 2001. Vice President Al Gore, who received over 500,000 more votes than then Governor Bush would have become President if Bush had any honor or decency to give way to the popular winner. If Bush had any respect for democracy he never would have had his brother, Florida Governor Jeb Bush and then Secretary of State Katherine Harris illegally purge thousands of black Democratic voters from the Florida voter rolls because their names were similar to those on a list of Texas felons. If Bush had any respect for democracy he never would have sent in the screaming mob of GOP operatives to stop the legitimate Presidential vote recount in Florida in November 2000.

From the viewpoint of the average Iraqi citizen the Bush occupation of his country is a corporate dictatorship imposed by thousands of armed men with guns, bullets, napalm, airplanes, tanks, prisons and torture. Several public opinion polls taken over the last two years showed that the vast majority of the Iraqis have wanted the U. S. military forces to be withdrawn from their country immediately and unconditionally. The phony election staged last year by the Bush regime, which handpicked the parties allow to run, would not allow any candidates or political parties to advocate the withdrawal of the occupying U. S. military forces! Democracy? That fraudulent "election" has no relation to true democracy.

Bush had the democractically-elected Aristide, the President of Haiti, overthrown by U.S. military forces and kidnapped to Africa in 2004. The Aristide govcrnment was replaced by death squad leaders. This Bush action shows a profound disregard for democracy.

Bush is trying to transform Iraqi Iraq into an oil-rich haven for his own corporate terrorists, Halliburton and the U. S. military. There were no terrorists in Iraq until the Bush crime family launched their vicious illegal criminal terror war on the Iraqi people in March 2003.

The USA and the UK need to immediately and unconditionally evacuate all of their military forces from Afghanistan, Iraq and the rest of the countries in the Middle East to let them determine their own destinies without interference from the English-speakiug countries.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


11 July 2005




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