Martha Stewart gets her darling little wrist slapped by the sentencing judge:. tThat will be five weeks per felony conviction; that'll learn ya!

by James K. Sayre


To the Editor:

Let's see, if you are a poor person living in :California and you are convicted of three "serious" or "violent" felonies, you are sentenced to life imprisonment without any chance of parole under our draconian three strikes law, while if you are Martha Stewart convicted of four federal "white-collar" felonies (crimes of obstruction of justice, conspiracy and making false statements (two counts)), you get a five-month sentence in a minimum security prison at Danbury, Connecticut) (suspended for Martha's appeal), five month sentence of estate confinement on her (her choice of location!) one hundred and fifty acre estate in Bedford, New York, which has five homes on it.(suspended for Martha's appeal), two years probation (suspended for Martha's appeal), and a $30,000 fine (payable immediately) and the $400 court costs(payable immediately). The su-called confinement is a farce: she is allowed to leave her estate up to 48 hours per week for work and appointments. She is actually confined for only one day per week. Her biggest problem will be to descide which house to stay in on Monday, the blue house or the brown house and on Tuesday will it be the green house or the yellow house?

How appealing. Thus. at the most, Martha Stewart will serve only two percent of a possible maximum penalty of twenty years imprisonment. It sounds like the proverbial slap on the wrist to me. As Senator John Edwards says, there are two Americas and two sets of rules, one for the ruling wealthy corporate elite and one for the rest of us.



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