Lynx - Lynx canadensis - family: Felidae (Cat family).

[Etymology: lynx Middle English lynx, Latin lynx, Greek lynx, compare: Old English lox, lynx, Greek leukos, bright, probably named for its shining eyes (when seen at night)].

The Lynx is a handsome member of the Cat family and is slightly larger than its close relative, the more common Bobcat (Lynx rufus). It may have descended from the larger Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx), which is native to northern Europe and Asia. The Lynx grows to about three feet long and may weigh up to about forty pounds. It has long dense gray-brown fur, large padded feet, tufted ears and a short tail. In the early spring from one to four kits are born, typically in a hollow tree or in a den amongst the rocks. It is a carnivore and feeds mostly on Shoeshoe hares (Lupus americanus) and some small rodents and ground-dwelling birds. Long hunted in North America for its fur pelt. It is found in forested and swampy areas of northern North America, mostly in Canada and Alaska. It range also extends down into the central Rockies.

Other names: Canada Lynx, Canadian Lynx, Loup-cervier.

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Canada Lynx Canada Lynx


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