The Rockridge District of Oakland in northern California:

by James K. Sayre

(note: Rockridge gets its name from a rocky ridge up in the hills, which originally was used as the base for a quarry).

Some Gardening References for the curious Rockridge gardener: Rockridge Gardening Guides

Some common birds in Rockridge (with notes): Rockridge birds

Growing herbs in Rockridge: Growing herbs in Rockridge

Growing vegetables in Rockridge: Growing vegetables in Rockridge

Growing "California natives" in Rockridge: Growing "California natives" in Rockridge

Growing citrus fruit trees in Rockridge: Growing citrus fruit trees in Rockridge

Growing deciduous fruit trees in Rockridge: Growing deciduous fruit trees in Rockridge

Growing other fruits and nuts in Rockridge: Growing other fruits and nuts in Rockridge

Rockridge Geology and the nearby Hayward Earthquake Fault: Rockridge geology

Rockridge Weather Rockridge Weather

Rockridge rainfall records: Rockridge rainfall records

Rockridge Sounds Rockridge Sounds

Rockridge Smells Rockridge Smells

Rockridge Natural History Rockridge Natural History

Rockridge Mammals Rockridge Mammals

Pesonal essays about Rockridge:

It seems like overdevelopment issues never seem to go away for long in our lovely Rockridge. Stop Rockridge Overdevelopment

New rationalizations for endless growth in Rockridge: Rockridge overdevelopment
Stop herbicide spraying in oakland hills to attack vegetation of eucalyptus, french broom, acacia and other plants. Stop herbicide spraying
The City of Oakland will be reconsidering it previous tight ban on the use of herbicides within city limits to accommodate the demand by Council Member Jean Quan for the spraying of herbicides in hill parklands as a fire prevention measure. : Oaklamd Herbicides 21 February 2005 Published in the Montclarion on 25 February 2005.

There is no real need for the City of Oakland to restart spraying toxic herbicides in parklands in the hills. The Blue Gum Eucalyptus trees do not present any real danger to Oakland residents living near the hills. Stop Oakland herbicides 25 January 2005 Published in The Montclarion on 28 January 2005.

Do we really need archways over College Avenue in Rockridge, Oakland, California? Rockridge archways10 May 2004. Published in The Montclarion, 14 May 2004.

One-handed Waste Management garbage collectors in Oakland, California balance "doing their job" with simultaneous cell-phone yakking with the other hand. One-handed garbage collectors 15 April 2004

$Money$ Grows on Trees in Rockridge, Oakland, California: or How to increase your property's already obscenely high value by the cultivation of a few of the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Trees in your front yard. Money grows on Rockridge Trees

Perversity of Endless Prattling on about increasing "Diversity." Diversity perversity

Rockridge Reconsidered: A Personal Critique Rockridge Reconsidered





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