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Lemon Verbena - Aloysia triphylla (Aloysia citriodora) (Verbena triphylla) (Lippia citriodora) - family: Verbenaceae (Verbena Family).

This is a deciduous shrub that grows to about ten feet high. It has lemon-scented rough lance-shaped yellow-green leaves and in the summer and fall produces lavender-white flowers. The leaves have been traditionally used as a flavoring in salads and desserts. It has been used as a traditional folk use of leaves as a tea base. Its dried leaves are used in potpourri. Essential oil is used in aromatherapy. Its leaves have been traditionally used as a remedy for bronchitis, depression, indigestion and nausea. Its leaves have also been traditionally used as a mild sedative tea at bedtime. Native to Argentina and Chile in South America. Cultivated as an herb and as an ornamental in North America.


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