No privacy left with the new Google busybodying scanning gmail. Here is a sample Gmail with lots of consumer product keywords for Google to chew on...



To the Editor:


I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a Google Gmail letter and pretend that I be styling curling gel in my new SUV as I drive towards my custom-built log cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains made of Chinese teakwood, while I dream of a vacation cruising the coastal waters of Tierra del Fuego in my big thirty-something foot cabin cruiser with my princess summerfallwinterspring while taking generic prescription drugs from Canada as I sample some organic raspberries and dig the new DVD/CD/MP3 player with my favorite disco folk music songs; meanwhile, I'll be jiving all I know on my digital camera cell phone while freely roaming home on the range again dreaming of a coastline home with a 2GHz 60 MB RAM WiFi ocean view of Inner Mongolia. Bring on those Gmail keyword-scanning-ad-creating-software-upgrades and please let me know instantly what I must buy in the next seventeen minutes to stay cool in oh-four.



Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


19 April 2004