An open letter to MSNBC TV telling them to dump the vicious vile bow-tied Tucker Carlson show.

The Management


One MSNBC Plaza

Secaucus, New Jersey 07094


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Your bow-tied so-called news commentator, Tucker Carlson, who stars in your show, "The Situation with ...", is just another vicious vile right-wing jerk, but when I read in today's newspaper of how he applauded the sinking of the Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior ship in the Auckland harbour in New Zealand some twenty years ago by French government saboteurs, I was outraged. These French saboteurs murdered one of the Greenpeace's Rainbow Warriors crewmembers, who drowned as the result of their criminal act. MSNBC does not need to staff its television shows with commentators who approve of political murder. Dump Tucker Carlson and replace him with a more moderate, more humanistic news commentator.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre

12 August 2005





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