Our new Royalty in Oakland, California: 690 Oakland City employees are paid over $100,000 per year. For starters, maybe they need a 25% pay cut. Why should City employees earn more than taxpapers?


The Editor

The Oakland Tribune

Oakland, CA

To the Editor:

It was recently revealed by the Oakland Tribune (June 13) that six hundred and ninety Oakland City employees are each getting paid more than one hundred thousand dollars per year. Besides not stopping the endless crime wave which has made the name "Oakland" infamous across our country, not answering telephone calls, not responding to messages left on their telephone message system, not filling in the pot-holes on city streets in a timely manner, and not picking up the garbage (done by a private contractor), what exactly do these overpaid folks do to rate "earning" over $100,000.00 each per year?

Well. they can rig up and spring a sneaky plan to create "back taxes and penalties" on the smallest of small businesses run by Oakland residents in their homes. Well, they can create and administer a fearsome Byzantine system of rules and regulations and high fees for any Oakland property owner to make even minor improvements on their homes.

To cut back this veritable cornucopia of employee payout, how an across-the-board twenty-five percent pay cut for all city employees currently earning a base pay of more than $100,000.00 per year? The greed starts at the top of the barrel. Bonuses being paid for merely doing your job?

Citizens having the misfortune of residing in Oakland, California are currently oppressed by a secret government regime holed up in their concrete Ogawa Plaza fortress. What ever happened to the seemingly quaint notion of government of, by and for the people?


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


15 June 2004



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