Is the Contra Costa Times covering up for the Bush criminals?

by James K. Sayre

17 March 2007


The Contra Costa Times has the habit of burying the bad news about the Bush criminals in the middle of the first section, or even relegating it to a second section entirely. Today the sworn testimony of Valerie Plame, the former CIA covert agent, before a Congressional Committee yesterday made front page news on all of the other San Francisco Bay Area newspapers. But the sneaky Contra Costa Times managed to bury this damming story about Bush administration's criminality on page A9, in the middle of their first section.

What made the front page of the 3-17-07 Contra Costa Times? Among other stories, there was an article about how some school kids are studying Chinese. Another article was about the annual Piedmont High School birdsong contest. Only gossip and ads on page two. On page three, "Barrier eyed for Vasco Road" story.


Is the Contra Costa Times trying consciously to cover up the Bush administration's vast and growing criminality? Or do they believe that their readers do not want to actually see the most important news on the front page? On is the Contra Costa Times just plain perverse? You decide...






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