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The San Francisco Bay Guardian

San Francisco, CA



To the Editor:

Your recent editorial, "Nader's foolish campaign" (The Bay Guardian, February 25) was quite a disappointment in your generally progressive newspaper. The oft-repeated canard of Nader's supposed assertion of there being very little real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is actually a shortened misquotation: his point was that the Democrats would rarely fight hard on these differences. This has been revealed as only too true in the years of the Bush 2 Administration: the Congressional Democrats rolled over for Bush for: two massive self-serving tax cuts for the rich (no excuses, except that most of them are rich, white male attorneys, like their GOP counterparts), the Patriot Act, the Bush nomination of the awful John Ashcroft to be Attorney General, the Medicare "reform" which was actually a giant giveaway to HMOs and the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the blank check Democratic support for Congressional resolution for the Bush war on Iraq.

Nader's 2000 Green Party candidacy has been asserted to have cost Gore victories in Florida and New Hampshire, although the web site disputes this notion. By the same token, Pat Buchanan, the Reform Party's conservative candidate in 2000, cost Bush victories in Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon and Wisconsin, so minority parties have been a two-edged sword.

I suggest that readers check out Ralph Nader's new web site,, even if they have no intention of voting for the man in coming November Presidential Election. The man has a brilliant analysis of our present economic, social and political circumstances.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


28 Feb. 2004