Arrogant artist and arrogant Bush share some mental disabilities: a sense of royal entitlement, a fear of any criticism, stubbornness and stupidity.

To the Editor:

The Miami-based artist-sculptress that managed to incorporate some eleven misspellings into the large sculpture-mural that was to grace the entrance to the new Livermore Public Library seems to be suffering from the same set of mental disabilities as Bush: a sense of royal entitlement that precludes any possible criticism of their work along with an attitude of arrogance, stubbornness and stupidity.

Actually, they both feel a tremendous sense of inferiority and they both project an aggressive front to try to cover up their own perceived inadequacies. Both of these people try to blame others for their problems: the artist blames Livermore city staff members and even tries to fall back on the mysticism of William Blake, a 18th century English poet (as if he would approve of sloppy spelling) as a cover for her own poor work. I doubt that the poet Blake would write sloppy misspelled poetry, for he was trying his best to communicate his feelings and thoughts in as precise a manner as possible. Bush, on the other hand, tries to blame President Clinton, 9/11, Old Europe, the United Nations and even the rapidly surrendering Iraqis for his Administration's many blunders. Both of these people simply refuse to be adult and take personal responsibility for their own actions.

If one is trying to communicate verbally in the English language, correct spelling is a virtual necessity, simply because a sentence, a paragraph, a letter or an essay degenerates into total meaningless gibberish with enough misspellings.

Fortunately, this artist can only mess up the front entrance to one public library at a time, while Bush can and has messed up whole countries in his four years of misrule. Fortunately, we have the power to vote the incompetent Bush out of the Oval Office, while unfortunately, some idiotic California state law about the supposed sanctity of public art, prevents any corrections and changes without the approval of the incompetent artist.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre

9 October 2004