America has destroyed democracy in other countries

by James K. Sayre

25 April 2005

The Editor

The Contra Costa Times

Walnut Creek, CA


To the Editor:

One of your letter writers asserted that the America military has spread democracy, peace and freedom to other countries. Wrong. America has destroyed democracy and freedom in many other countries and replaced it with dictatorship and tyranny. In Iraq, Bush has terrorized the Iraqi people for two years in his clumsy and brutal attempt to set up a puppet government that will allow the illegitimate bush regime to maintain permanent military bases and steal Iraq's vast oil reserves. In other countries, the same pattern of U. S. imperial aggression, occupation and resource theft has existed for over one hundred and seven years (since 1898).:


The U. S. military invaded and controlled Haiti for many years, from 1905 to 1941 More recently, in March 2004, U. S. forces kidnapped the democratically elected President Aristide and replaced him with gangs of right-wing death squads. .


The U. S. government under President Nixon had the C.I.A. support and direct the overthrow the democratically-elected government of Salvador Allende in 1973 and replace it with the brutal dictatorship of General Pinochet.


The CIA overthrew the democratically-elected Mossadegh government in 1953 and replaced his government with the Shah. Mossadegh's sin? He had the gall to begin the nationalization of foreign (British and US) oil companies and to return the oil to its owners, the Iranian people. Little wonder that after the Iranian people threw out the Shah in 1979, that they turned their attentions to the U. S. embassy in Tehran. It is truly amazing and frightening that practically all U. S. media accounts of the Iranian action to seize the U. S embassy personnel as hostages in 1979 neglected to show any of this very relevant historical background for the actions that occurred.


The U. S. directly ruled Cuba from 1898 to 1902 and intervened again in 1912 and 1917. After the dictator Bastista was overthrown by Fidel Castro in 1959, the liberation forces closed the gambling casinos and whorehouses in Havana. Since then, the U. S. boycotted, blockaded and sent C.I.A. and dissident forces to try to destroy the Cuban regime. The American trade and travel boycott has been going on for over forty years now.


The government of Arbenz Guzman, who was democratically-elected in 1950, which had the gall to nationalize some of the foreign owned banana plantations including those owned by the United Fruit Co. In 1954, the C.I.A overthrew that democratically-elected government and installed its own choice, a certain Colonel Armas, who became a right-wing dictator. U.S. intervention continued through the 1980's under Reagan and Bush I. Finally, in the middle 1990s a democratic election was held and relative peace has continued for the last several years...


U. S. Marines occupied Nicaragua from 1912 to 1925 and from 1927 to 1933. In 1936 General Somoza staged a coup, seized power and became a brutal dictator. In 1979, the rebel Sandinistas drove Somoza from power after a seventeen year struggle. In the early 1980s the Reagan Administration supported the right-wing Contra movement which attempted to overthrow the Sandinista government. In 1984, the U. S. Congress cut off funding for the Contra movement.




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