Part 2: Al Gore's latest brainstorm, the coming "Current" cable television news/culture network, which is scheduled to debut on August 1, 2005, may turn out to be just another bump in the road in the increasingly irrelevant corporate mainstream media.


The Editor

The Berkeley Daily Planet

Berkeley, CA


To the Editor:


The recent letter by Ms. Maureen L. Farrell, published on April 12th, which critiqued my critique of the coming Al Gore Current cable television channel was interesting. However, I do not accept the notion that none of us can say boo about the many and varied deficiencies of Al Gore's ill-fated 2000 Presidential campaign, because, somehow, that would be "supporting" the Bush gang and all of their many miseries which they have visited upon us and the rest of the world in the last five years.

Since my anti-Bush credentials have been challenged, I searched my computer's hard disk and discovered that I have been writing letters attacking the awful environmental record and hard-right extremist views of then Texas Governor Bush starting in October 1999, long before he was nominated for President by the Republican Party in the summer of 2000. I also began writing letters attacking the Bush Administration's many lies and distortions about Iraq starting in August 2002, at least six months before the start of the Bush war on Iraq in March 2003.

That being said, Vice President Al Gore ran a very poor campaign for the Presidency in 2000. He shunned the support of the incumbent President Bill Clinton, easily the most popular and most savvy Democratic President since Harry Truman. This poor decision alone may have cost Gore the Presidency. In the televised Presidential debates, Mr. Gore just couldn't be bothered to control and mask his utter disdain for the coked-out little mind of Governor Bush; admittedly, that would be a tall order for ordinary folks, like you or me, but this is supposed to be one of the strengths of a career politician.

After the close 2000 election, Mr. Gore didn't demand a total and complete recount of all the votes in the disputed Florida election. No, he just asked for a recount in the five most populous (and most heavily Democratic) counties. This lame move made him look self-serving and thus not interested in true democracy, i. e., having all the votes counted.

After the Five Supremes picked their ideological buddy, Governor Bush to be President, Al Gore just rolled over and played dead, and thus revealed his underlying allegiance to the rich white old boys' club (Dem/GOP) that runs this country, and showing no interest in honest, count-all-the-votes American democracy. Al Gore could have pressed his case by speaking about the massive Republican election fraud masterminded by Bush brother Jeb and GOP Secretary of State Katherine Harris in illegally tossing thousands of legitimate black voters off of the Florida voter registration rolls in 2000. If Gore had shown some guts and courage by attacking the absurd illogical convoluted one-time-only ruling of the Supremes, he possibly could have helped rein in the Bush regime, by painting it as illegitimate. Al Gore let us down.

This same miserable losing scenario was again played out four years later, this time by Senator John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election. With overwhelming evidence of massive computerized electronic election fraud and theft of the 2004 election by GOP manipulation (with what I estimate to be the flipping of five million Kerry votes into Bush votes on Election night), Senator Kerry just rolled over and played dead for Bush and his gang. John Kerry, just like Al Gore, showed his underlying allegiance to the rich white old boys' club (Dem/GOP) that runs this country, and showed no interest in honest count-all-the-votes American democracy. John Kerry let us down.

So if I choose to write a critical critique of Al Gore's new Current cable television project, saying that it is probably off-the-mark, it is with knowledge of the long history of Al Gore missteps and poor decisions as background. Mr. Gore's new project may prove interesting and useful, but what we really need is an Air America cable television channel as an alternative to the present faux news offerings of the corporate media.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


13 April 2005





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