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Aconite, Szechwan - Aconitum carmichaelii - family: Ranunculaceae (Crowfoot Family) (Buttercup Family).

This perennial plant grows to about three feet high. It has deeply cut fringed dark green leaves. It produces spikes (racemes) of blue hooded flowers in the summer and fall. Traditional Chinese Medicine use of roots as a remedy for diarrhea and heart disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine use of roots as a local anesthetic and as a poultice for arthritis, headache and rheumatism. Note: do not take internally if pregnant or nursing. Note: too toxic to take internally. Note: all parts of this plant are very toxic when ingested. Note: POISONOUS. Note: if this plant is growing in your garden, be sure to wash your hands after handling it. Native to China in Asia. Cultivated as an ornamental in North America. Several cultivars exist.



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