Oakland, California School District Board members still clueless about mult-million dollar budget deficits.


The Editor

The Rockridge News

Rockridge District

Oakland, CA


To the Editor:

With disgust I read recent your recent interview with the whining School Board member Kerry Hamill (The Rockridge News, February 2004), headlined, "Forced Closures Poor Way to Fix Oakland Schools." It's appalling to read where the folks in charge of the Oakland Unified School District remain clueless to this day about the massive multi-million dollar spending deficits that have happened on their watch. Their sworn responsibility to keep the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) in good financial order has been ignored by both the former Superintendent of Schools, his top administrators and the School Board members. Millions and millions of dollars has been looted from the (OUSD) by staff embezzlers, crooks, thieves and just common grafters.

A recent story in the Oakland Tribune (2/19/04) reported how several former OUSD employees were miraculously still receiving paychecks long after their employment with the District had ended.

It is evident that many teachers and staff members showed zero loyalty to the OUSD and happily looted the District budget for as much as they could get away with. Endless cell phone calls to friends and relatives paid by the District. It was, "Get on board the OUSD reparations train, we're pulling out of the station soon. Bring your friends, relatives and neighbors too. It the biggest party in Oakland ever. Don't miss out."

And here in the Rockridge News we were treated to whiny one-sided rant by someone that was derelict in her official duty. Shame... This is journalism? More likely, just propaganda for the idiots that ran the Oakland Unified School District into the ground. Eighty million dollar budget deficits don't just happen...


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


18 Feb. 2004