The New York Times and the Contra Costa Times are still parroting Bush lies about Haiti.


The Editor

The Contra Costa Times

Walnut Creek, CA


To the Editor:

I almost fell out of my chair with astonishment when I read your March 5 story entitled, "Exiled Aristide allowed to stay, says Central African Republic." Hello, what planet are you on? Aristide has been under house arrest since he arrived in the Central African Republic on Monday, March 1st. He is being held under French and African armed guards; he has no landline telephone service; he is denied visitors and he cannot send any mail. And you say that he is "allowed to stay?" I guess that people in jail are "allowed to stay" in jail....

Your reporters ought to try talking with some of President Aristide's friends, who have been able to communicate with he occasionally with smuggled cell phones. Today President Aristide did manage to make a cell phone message to the people of Haiti and told them to keep struggling for democracy in their country.

The Bush Administration is led by known liars, just check back on the two-and-a-half years of lies about Iraq. Of course, these folks are completely stonewalling any independent investigation into the particular circumstances of President Aristide's forced departure from Haiti on a U. S. chartered jet. Guess why?


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


5 March 2004