Aristide kidnapped.


To the Editor:

It was depressing to read the Monday morning newspapers (March 1) all parroting the Bush Administration lie that President Aristide "resigned" and "fled" from Haiti early Sunday morning when in reality he was kidnapped at gunpoint by U. S. embassy officials and a squad of heavily-armed U. S. soldiers. The corporate media is still giving the lying Bush regime the benefit of the doubt, which surprises me after all their lies about Iraq have been revealed to the world for all to see.


Gee, all the newspapers would have to do would be to listen to the KPFA evening news (94.1 FM, Berkeley) on Sunday, 29 February 2004, and they would have known the truth about the U. S. military's abduction of Haitian President Aristide to the Central African Republic, where he is currently being held under guard by French troops. (For those that live outside of the over-the-air broadcasts, KPFA is available on Internet Radio).


In Haiti, we are watching the Bush Administration sit by and let bands of armed thugs destroy the democracy. For the last three years, the Bush Administration has done its level best to sabotage the elected government of Aristide. Foreign economic aid has been blocked by the Bush Administration. Hundreds of millions of dollars in loans have been held up this way. Bush detests Aristide because Aristide is actually trying to help the masses of poor people in Haiti. Bush seems to think that the only function of government and its leaders should be to enrich the rulers and their buddies.


P. S. the kidnapping of Aristide's wife, Mrs. Mildred Aristide, a U. S. citizen, is a federal crime under U. S. law. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


1 March 2004