What is the Bush Adminstration trying to cover up about 9/11?


To the Editor:

The current federal commission's probe of the intelligence failures on and before 9/11/01 are being hampered and stonewalled by the current Bush Administration. They are not allowing individual interviews with potential witnesses without the presence of FBI and CIA handlers in the room. Hmm. Several months ago, before the Bush-ordered invasion and occupation of Iraq, there were loud cries of foul from this same Bush Administration when Saddam would not permit Iraqi scientists to be interviewed by U. S. or U. N. investigators without the presence of Iraqi intelligence officials. The Bush folks asked "What is being hidden?"

Now we have this same Bush administration adopting the totalitarian tactics used by Saddam in the suppression of a legitimate investigation into 9/11. What is the Bush Administration trying to hide? Why did the FBI headquarters not want to heard about Arabs enrolled in flight schools? Why were the U. S. air defense interceptor fighter planes around New York City and Washington, D. C., all grounded on 9/11? Why did Bush order the CIA, the FBI and NSA to drop investigations into possible Saudi terrorist connections soon after he took office?


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


10 July 2003