Bush climbs from a 48% public opinion approval rating on November 1st to a supposed 52% election majority on November 2nd. Magic or fraud?


To the Editor:

Historically, no incumbent President with approval ratings below 50% has ever been reelected. Bush's pre-election approval ratings have been stuck at 48% for the last several months, yet magically in the 2004 Presidential election he supposedly received some 52% of the total popular vote. Ah, the magic of electronic computerized voting in the 21st century with no nasty, troubling annoying paper ballot trails; now elections can be rigged and stolen and at first, no one hardly seems to notice. It's so painless and so easy when your buddies make the election vote-counting machines equipped with secret proprietary software.

However, it is virtually impossible to explain this Bush election majority anomaly without considering the possibility that the election returns were rigged and heavily mis-counted in his favor. His asserted "mandate" was not from the American voters, it was only from the rigged and mis-counting voting machines of extremely right-wing partisan companies such as Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia.

We do not have to prove that this election was stolen. The burden of proof lies with our elected officials and the election boards to show conclusively that this election could not possibly have been stolen. This is clearly impossible with the present system of widespread use of computerized electronic voting machines that lack any kind of auditable paper trail. Across the country some twenty-five to thirty million votes were cast on these electronic paper-trail-free machines. "Trust us" is not a good enough answer. We don't trust these computerized electronic voting machines because we have already witnessed the theft of the 2000 election in Florida and more recently, the use of Diebold voting machines, sans any paper trails, to steal the Senate seat and the Governorship in elections in Georgia in 2002.


Yours truly,


James K. Sayre


11 November 2004




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